Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rule #6, Post 1 SURVEY


Just to reinforce or dispute Rule #6, please take this quick single question survey on survey monkey. We will share the results on Thursday during class. Thanks!

The beginning of Rule #6 goes on about "The Lost Experience," an interactive online scavenger hunt like game. Using other brands and their websites you fish around the internet looking for clues to solve the presented mysteries. According to the book "Collectively, the efforts have helped Lost grow its viewer base in both first-run broadcast and now in syndication - polishing its reputation as one of television's most innovative shows and securing its place in the annals of broadcast history."

Our question is this "If you were a Lost fan, did you become a weekly regular due to the Lost Experience or any of the other ABC sponsored online games, or did they enhance your whole experience...or something else?"

Follow this link to the survey:


Team Rule #6

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